Municipal entities can partner with Neighborly to finance specific projects for city improvements, new equipment, and other public infrastructure investments.
Neighborly is working with issuers across the country...
Innovative Small Scale Neighborly Bond:
A Single Fire Truck
Airport Improvement Ideas
K.B. Industries Green Partnership Program
KBI's Green Partnership Program™ (GPP) provides municipal, educational, and commercial clients the option to self install K.B. Industries' most popular products.

The GPP trains your staff on proper techniques and methods to solve everyday infrastructure challenges while providing installation flexibility and cost savings. 
K.B. Industries combines recycled passenger tire rubber along with rock aggregate in a monolithic surface.
Creates a massively porous yet structural material that can be used for a variety of infrastructure applications. 
KBI Flexi-Clean: Passive Water Treatment System

Remediate stormwater and improve water quality around facilities...
Hydrocarbons and volatile compounds are filtered as runoff water passes through the Flexi-Clean surface and into to the stormwater drain...