Insights from attempts to improve OCP process...
Idea 1: Find an agent to obtain OCP insurance for subs that require it.

Result: Possible with The Hartford who offers monoline OCP policies.

Idea 2: Engineer an OCP "wrap up" policy.

Result: Possible (no action taken).

Idea 3: Create a portal for OCP quotes.

Result: Possible but not viable because portal only generates Mid-Continent OCP quotes which Joeris can't accept.

Embroker OCP Portal URL:

Idea 4: Find a coverage alternative.

Result: WC wrap ups achieve the same goal as OCP....
Cases where an injured worker sues a 3rd party (owner or GC) were overturned due to EXCLUSIVE REMEDY provided by a workers' compensation policy that covered all workers on the project. 

OCP is used as insurance to "pay out" in this type of claim or lawsuit but OCP insurance WILL NOT get these cases overturned/dismissed.

If the objective is to mitigate 3rd party injury lawsuits....a CCIP/OCIP that provides workers' compensation for all project participants is superior to OCP insurance per current case law.