As an alternative to the web based "vendor index" approach, insurance data could be logged on a private, permission based blockchain maintained by a consortium of insurance companies.

At inception, policy data and documents could be logged and material changes (coverage lapses, limit increases, coverage removal, entity changes, ownership changes, etc.) would be logged in subsequent blocks for the life of the policy.

This would allow for an auditable trail of policy changes and permission to view each policy's blockchain history could be granted to 3rd parties that otherwise rely upon certificates of insurance.
When it comes time to renew, brokers could grant underwriters and respective carriers access to the account's blockchain timeline to streamline and expedite the renewal marketing process. This would allow greater transparency for the benefit of insurance carriers and would also eliminate the need to fill out multiple, redundant insurance applications. 
This is just the beginning of blockchain...
Tokio Marine and NTT DATA complete blockchain-based cargo insurance certificates

GAPro System
"Rewiring the Insurance Industry"
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