Agents / Producers / Brokers

For agencies, time that would otherwise be spent issuing certificates could be spent in other areas.

Agencies could use this extra capacity to create new accounts or provide additional levels of service to existing clients...allowing a competitive advantage over agencies that resist the idea of a digital certificate. 
Similar to the benefits for agencies, commercial lines insurance customers could devote more time to their core business functions and time spent managing risk / vendor compliance would be spent more efficiently. 

Businesses could be provided with real-time updates on vendor compliance for faster decision making that the current state can't provide. 

Overall, businesses would be brought to a better level of "perfect information" in regards to risk management and vendor compliance compared to the current state. 

By going digital, the insurance certificate's carbon footprint would be considerably reduced once mailed copies of certificates are phased out.

Those same benefits could be extended to agencies and insurance carriers that support going digital in the form of reduced operating costs associated with mailing certificates and supporting endorsements.

GAPro System
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